5 thoughts on “Convert Pinterest Account to Pinterest Business Page

  1. Do I lose my old URL? or can I forward it? cuz I have over 130 blogposts which link to my old URL on pinterest… are all of those old links going to lead to nowhere or will they be re-routed to my new business url?

  2. That’s a great question Anne… unfortunately I don’t know the answer, but I’m pretty sure you should be fine. I would like to think Pinterest designed this migration to auto-redirect URLs if they change, but I’m also not certain they even change anyway. I think they retain the format /pin/555555555555555555/ (replace the “555…” with some random series of 18 digits, of course). Example:


    And now one of your URLs


    Again, same format so I doubt the individual pin URLs will change after you convert – but again, I can’t say for certain.

  3. I have a personal pinterest account and wanted to set up a SEPARATE business account. I somehow converted my personal account to a business account. Now all of my personal pins and boards are on my new business account. Can I un-convert?

    Thanks! Nicole

  4. Nicole,

    I had the same problem…..I accidentally converted my personal account to a business account! Did you ever find a solution?

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