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  1. I’m in as my personal profile, and I’m getting the “isn’t friends or a fan” message. I am managing client pages and this is a huge problem! Anything further on this issue? Again, I’m using Facebook as myself, not as the Page.

  2. Hi Randy, I’m not sure I understand the difference between the business page and the “human” account. I understand that my personal fb page is just another user that likes my business page, but I don’t understand what you mean by the “human” account. I only have one login for the business page and my personal page is completely different. Is there something I need to add on the business page to make this happen because I am having the same issue of trying to add admins including myself to the business page. So I hope you can shed some light on this.


  3. Ok, I think I just figured out what the problem is. I created the business page without using an active facebook user. So when I go to the featured page owner section, the page owner is blank and I can’t add/change it at all. Is there a work around to this?

  4. Hi Jose,

    When you say “I only have one login for the business page and my personal page is completely different.”, you seem to be indicating that you have 2 logins – one for your personal/human profile and one for your business page. That shouldn’t be the case. Your personal profile should simply be an admin user you used to create a page.

  5. Noticed your second comment right after replying to the first… I’m not even sure how you created the business page without using an active FB user. Last time I checked, that wasn’t possible. I have heard that once you are an admin it has been possible to add non-FB users as admins (in the past), but you still had to have a FB user create the page to begin with.

  6. Re: make sure they are “viewing” Facebook as their individual user “profile” (human account), not as their business organization and then add admins.

    I don’t want anyone to be an admin on my personal account. I want them only to access our band page. Wouldn’t doing what you say give them access to my personal page?

  7. I was added as a manager by my boss & received a FB invite indicating that I had been invited to be a manager. I then got a FB email telling me to click on a link to confirm. That took me to my “human” page and confirmed whereupon FB “confirmed” it. But having done all that, neither my company/org FB page nor “human” page has the “Edit Page” button that both you and FB’s instructions mention. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the page with that button on it – so I can confirm that I am neither blind nor insane.:) Also my co-worker is a content creator, but while 2 others appear as Managers on her screen, I did not. Any ideas/ suggestions? Thanks!

  8. No David, you can’t make someone an admin of your personal page. You just need to be acting as yourself (the admin) not acting as your page when you manage your page’s admins. You need to be a “human” to add other “humans” to manage your page.

  9. If you’re logged in to your personal account and you are in fact an admin, you’ll see a drop down that says “Edit Page” near the top of the business page. You can actually see it in one of the screenshots in the post, just below “1. On your FB page, click “See all” in the “Insights” area:”

  10. Randy: yours is the most intelligent and comprehensive post I have found on this topic but I’m still at a loss to know how to proceed. I turned my profile into a page. I also created recently a new personal profile, but that new profile isn’t in any way linked to my old profile/new page. When I now log in to Facebook with the old profile details I face the problem described on your post, in adding managers. The only way, in fact, that I have found I can do so so far is to scroll through NEW likes and pick someone off that list; but I can’t search that list to find myself (my new personal profile, that is now a like!)

  11. solved my own problem Randy- though maybe in an unorthodox way. I logged to my new personal profile on in a different browser, unliked my old profile/new page, re-liked it, and then went to the admin section of the page in the first browser, clicked on See All for new likes, found myself at the top of the list, and elected myself as a manager.

  12. Thank you soooo much for walking me through this!
    I find it utterly disgusting and absurd that FB does not have a “help desk” for it’s clients ie: a phone number to call and talk to an actual PERSON or at least an online chat session! You’d think that a billion dollar company could spare the funds and hire some intelligent people like yourself to actually get paid to troubleshoot!! I guess I’m just old fashioned at age 49, thinking that a phone call or live online contact is actually a way to communicate. FB offers a great deal to the modern world, but I often think it’s more harm than good!

  13. Hey guys, I have just read through all this and have a similar problem. Although I STILL haven’t been able to solve it. I have been asked to set up multiple accounts for someone (So I have a business account – that is totally separate to my personal account… It has no search bar etc) and I have tried every single trick mentioned, but still cannot give access to anyone at all – on any of the pages I have set up. I have their names, they have liked and I have their email addresses that they use to log in. Does anyone have ANY other suggestions? I am going out of my mind here.
    Kind regards,
    Alex Dyer

  14. if you add someone as a manager can they delete the original person that started the page ans is a manager?

  15. Yes Mike, check out the table above that shows what each admin role is capable of. Managers are the only ones that can “manage admin roles” and it’s the one thing that separates them from “Content Creators”.

  16. I am having the exact same problem as Alex… No search bar at the top of my page. I cannot add any admins at all. Have yet to find a solution. Can anyone help?

  17. Hello my boss added me as an admin send the request to my email address when I click on “view page” it just brings me to the company page as everyone else sees it, or, “join facebook” I just sign in and it goes to my news feed. When I go to the business page I only see it as a public viewer who has liked it. I have no management options, this is what level he added me as. How to I accept this offer? He wants me in charge of the page and we have been trying to get around this for the last week.

  18. Hi, My business fb page has 4 admins, 3 have Manager roles. I am a Manager and the problem I am having is after I have clicked at the top of the page (to use the business name to post) and then I post on another fb page, I am still posting as my personal self! I can however post on the business page as the business. The other Manager doesn’t have this problem and can post on other pages as the business!

    Can you help me please? its sooo frustrating!!!

  19. Unfortunately it sounds like you’re doing this correctly, so I’m not sure why it would be defaulting back to your personal account. If you log in with your normal personal account, go to your business page, click the “Edit Page” drop-down and then select “Use Facebook as *YOUR-COMPANY-NAME*”, you should be all set to be posting, commenting, liking, etc. as your business, not yourself. You would then have to reverse that “Edit Page” process in order to go back to acting as your personal account….

  20. Hi there, I’m hoping you can help me. I have 2 different business pages & I’m the manager of both. When I’m on FB as myself and see something I’d like to share on one of my business pages, it works great with my first business page, but when I try to do this for my newest one, it will not say “Posting as Pose A Pet”, it will only say “Posting as Jennifer” and will only post to the box on the side, not the wall. The permissions are the same on both, I don’t understand? Do you know a way to fix this?

  21. Unfortunately I’ve not run in to this problem myself Jennifer. And you’re right, it doesn’t make much sense that you can share to one of your pages but not the other. Sounds like maybe a Facebook glitch of some kind?

  22. Hi Randy, like your blog posting on FB admins, it’s really about the most helpful I’ve come across. I’ve got a pretty simple question that I’ve not seem addressed before: I want to add an admin user to an organisation page I created using my personal FB account.
    But I don’t want this admin user to become a FB friend for my personal account – is that possible? I can see that it’s possible to add someone as a page who isn’t currently a friend (by using their email address to invite them), but by making them an admin do they become my FB friend?

  23. Hi, there are some very helpful tips on your site – thanks. I still, however, don’t seem to be able to figure out how to send messages from my ‘page’ as apposed to my ‘personal’ FB account. I see the chart above lists ‘manager’ as able to send messages from the page. I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks again,

  24. Hi, I created a page for a client, I am the manager and I am trying to remove myself as manager but I am not able to. How can I do that?

  25. Hi Randy,

    I used to have a facebook page in 2010, and one time all of a sudden i was not admin anymore and the page is since left like that without admin, i tried to contact Facebook without success, i tried to ask a lot of peoples how to do to get it back but no one helped. Can you help ? Let me know in my email please, thank you.

  26. Hi, I have a question. I have a Facebook page which my business partner has created and placed himself as a manager, and me as admin. However, we are about to split up, and since business is owned by me, I´d like to remove him. I know he won`t consent on giving it up as the reason for splitting up is him working behind my back. What can I do so at the same time I don`t destroy the FB page?

  27. Unfortunately you’re in a tough situation here Chichi, because the Manager controls your level of access. There may be ways to get help from someone at Facebook, but I’ve not sure.

  28. hi my frnd created a page with me unfortunatley is account was deleted he was manager of the page and other 2 including me are content creator of that page some how he recovered his id which was manager at that time . now issue is that in page only 2 content creator exist and no one is manager their . is their a some way which make content creator a manager or the recoverd id can recover his position bak in page?

  29. Does anyone know if by adding a content creator this user will be able to see my personal profile? I made my website fan page long ago and I used my FB profile that as for now is set to be as private as FB allows, however my concern is if adding other admins to my fan page or any other role that is now offered by FB this people will be able to see my full name and my profile.


  30. This may be slightly off topic. I’ve been made a page content creator of a page. I’m given the option to sign into my personal page, then select the tools drop-down menu and select the page I am content creator on. I can visit any page and post as myself, no problem. But if I visit the page that I’m a content creator on, I can no longer post as myself. It automatically makes me post as that page. Even if I do not select the page from the tools drop down menu.

    I want to be able to visit the page as myself and post using my personal Facebook page from time to time. Any clues?

  31. Hello, I am trying to change my role from manager to content creator so that I can edit pages but when I go to the admin role page there isn’t a drop down menu to change this. I try to add myself but will not let me add myself again – please help.

  32. I am manager of the fan page i would like to know it if is possible to know which admin delete the post on facebook page ?

  33. Unfortunately our fb fan page finds itself without the position of MANAGER. We are by mistake all content creators and we can not name a single MANAGER. We’re reporting this content to fb from 24 May 2013. Please kindly give us an advice, giving us the opportunity to have regular MANAGER in order to operate in the redistribution of roles. We are stuck in their current position. Please kindly give us an advice to solve this problem, thank you. Marcello

  34. I’ve never seen a page without a manager Marcello. Are you sure there isn’t someone else who maintains that level of access? FB is certainly full of glitches, but this would be a new one if there’s not something else in play.

  35. I just became a content manager, and I haveposted a pic but it showed up as MY Facebook name and not the page. I’m extremely new to this admin bizz and I would love to know what I’m supposed to do and how!!

  36. i changed my self from manager to contect creator ….. now there is no any manager of my page .. please help me what can i do that i will become again manager of my page … please helpppp

  37. Hi, need a little help, We have a business page all working fine then one day the Page Rolls (to set up admins) when we click on it, its just blank with no admins. I have search this problem which alot of other people are experiencing but no solution. Ive sent a report to facebook 3 times but no response. I realy need to take an admin off our page but unable to do so.
    Thank you

  38. I am an admin. on a company Facebook page & want to know if it is possible to tell which admin. role/person hid a comment posted to our wall? Thanks! E

  39. Sorry Erin, not as far as we know. You can see which admin actually made a post, but it doesn’t look like FB shows us who hides comments from others. You can check the page’s “Activity Log” under “Settings”, but I’m not seeing anything there.

  40. Hi,

    I have a human profile that I use separately for friends and family, and another facebook profile that I posted all my pre-loved children’s items onto local selling site. As I logged into my selling site facebook page, fb has informed me that that I had no other option but to change the profile to a page, I did this, however I cant get past the Adding Admin before I can actually see the page itself?? Help Please… I cant even go back and reverse it or add myself as admin.

  41. Hi it is interesting to see that admin roles have changed as one of the admins has one become owner and we are wishing to remove but can’t as the delete x is missing
    My question therefore is how do we remove them

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