5 thoughts on “Google Authorship Setup – Get Your Photo in Search Results as a Google+ Contributor

  1. I managed to get my google+ pic showing up next to my website in google search results only three weeks after I set it up. Things were going well, but a few days after I changed the look of my website’s footer, and in so doing moved the link to my google+ page into an html table for layout reasons, the picture no longer shows up next to my site in google search results. Has the moving of my google+ link in my footer harmed my authorship markup? Or do I have to wait a bit for Google to realise that I have not deleted the link but just moved it?

    Thanks Shruti

  2. It’s hard to say Shruti, I’ve not been in that situation before, but it seems surprising that they’d do that. I’d recommend following the updated authorship instructions which don’t even require the link from the site to Google+ (but do require you to have an @yourdomain.com email address) though either way.

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