14 thoughts on “Post Tweets to Facebook Pages Using TweetDeck – Updated 2013 Instructions

  1. Great article. I was easily able to link my Twitter account to my Facebook Page through the desktop app. Is there a way to do the same through the TweetDeck mobile app on an iPhone?

  2. Hello Randy – great resource here
    Can I ask .. do you know why my Tweetdeck no longer posts any tweets ? I deleted it, re-downloaded the new version, and like before it will not post … juts keeps spinning . I deleted my LinkedIN account from Tweetdeck and it no longer gives me the option to add it back in ..
    I was looking for another software programme to upload tweets to multiple accounts when I came across you. I only tweet from twitter not Tweetdeck (old or new version) anymore ..?
    thanks Gina

  3. Sorry Gina, I haven’t experienced that issue or really any issues with TweetDeck, other than the occasional crash. I do know of others who have though. I would only suggest that you try to TweetDeck site vs. stand-alone app and see if either will work and then go from there, researching what the issue might be.

  4. I’ve just gone through this process myself. Now for the next hurdle – adding a column specifically for one of my pages and not my main Facebook account. Any ideas?

  5. Great article. I only need to use the simple step 1. One Facebook page connected to a twitter account but the tweets are not going through. Any idea why this might be?

  6. Hi Stefan – yeah, Twitter and/or FB appears to be glitching out when trying to connect Twitter to FB from inside Twitter. I was able to connect to my Facebook personal profile, but got this error when I took the second step (in the current process) to connect to a page:

    There was a Twitter server error. The error has been reported to our engineering team. Please try again as it might be a temporary problem.

  7. Do a video on this topic !!! I Don’t have the time or the patients for all of this reading…. irritating.

  8. Sorry for trying your “patients” Chris… but did you read the update in the first sentence? “*UPDATE – TWEETDECK TO FACEBOOK SUPPORT ENDS 5/7/13*”

  9. In TweekDeck was able to set up multiple twitter account but it did not give me the option to set up any facebook account(s)… there is no option for this. Any advice?

  10. Randy: Do you suggest another service to be able to post different twitter accounts to different facebook pages that I manage through my personal facebook account. As you stated Tweetdeck stopped this.


  11. Thanks so much for this great information. I have been using Tweetdeck for years seamlessly (and still do) to post Facebook posts to Twitter. Wondered why still working perfectly if FB support ended in Dec 2013. If I want to do same for a different new Facebook and simultaneously tweet via Tweedeck will it no longer work just because it’s being set up after Dec 2013? Please clarify, and thanks!

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