8 thoughts on “Upload iPhone Videos to YouTube – How to Post from iPhone – Updated for iOS 7

  1. For IOS7 the directions have changed.

    Open the Camera Roll (via the Camera app or whatever)
    Select your video iPhone’s Camera Roll
    Click the share button in the bottom left corner (square with up arrow).
    Notice the movie (or picture…whatever you picked) has a checkmark box in the bottom right.
    then notice the text “Next” in the upper right corner.

    Click on Next
    If you picked a video your options would be to use Message, Mail, Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo
    If you picked a picture your options would have been to upload to a Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr
    If you cancel and do not upload you will be back at the previous screen that has your movie with a checkmark circle in the lower right and Next in the upper right. Notice you can scroll through your images by swiping the picture/movie to the left or right. If you scroll and select another item you will select that IN ADDITION to the other item. IF YOU SELECT a movie AND a picture and go to NEXT to share it, you will see the only thing that allows you to send that mixture is the Message app.

    If you select one video it will say “1 video selected” at the top. Similarly with 2 or three videos….But if you add a picture it will then say 2 Items selected.

    If you DO want to share a movie via Youtube then be sure you only have movies picked and then click Next.
    Enter your YouTube login information
    Enter your video details
    Upload and wait a few minutes for your latest cat or dog video to join the noise.

  2. As you explained above “want to upload to YouTube, click the share button in the bottom left and then the YouTube icon in the bottom right. Now your iPhone will prompt you to enter your YouTube account login credentials:” but immediately i am getting the message ” youtube not available”. but i had uploaded before.

    my model is iPhone4S and updated Os to 7.

    Could you help me pls


  3. I am having the exact same problem with my iPad mini whenever i try to upload i says youtube not availible I still have not found a fix

  4. I remember the old days when you can just take your digital camera and plug it to your computer and upload your videos in a few minutes. Now I am trying to upload my new video using my iPhone5 and it won’t publish! I’m really sick how things are so irritating using newer technology. For example, when I had my iPhone 4 videos were so slow and they always stopped responding.

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