12 thoughts on “YouTube Account Creation Forces Gmail Account On Users (Unless You’re Sneaky!)

  1. What I hate even more is this new trend of forcing verification via a telephone number. Yeah, control, oversight, and spam regardless of what they say.

    We so badly need a viable Youtube alternative and Vimeo isn’t it.

  2. Thank you for this post! Thankfully the video work around you noted still has a working link to the old YouTube account creation page and it still works!

    But, I had already created an account using the long workaround you described and had already created a username. I found that when trying to delete the account it has a warning that says that you won’t be able to create a new account with that username so I decided to keep it… I deleted the google+ content and profile but still have a gmail I won’t use… any way to delete that?

  3. A friend and I started a FB page a year ago. We both were managers. The name of the page is registered in the State of Michigan with an EIN number under my name and one other person’s name. My friend’s name is not on that registration and so she does not “own” the name of the page – but I (and the second individual) do own it, because it is registered in our names.

    Recently there has been a falling out between us and I have been demoted to Content Creator. I no longer have control on FB of my business name registered in the State of Michigan.

    I would like to have her removed from the account or have the page taken down. Preferably the first option. What can be done? I am uncomfortable with no control over the use of a FB name registered in the State of Michigan under my name. If you wish to see the Michigan EIN registration documentation please let me know how to get a copy to you.

    I’m looking forward to solving this dilemma. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

  4. You CAN create a Gmail account WITHOUT creating a Google public profile in the first place. Here’s how to do it –

    While registration, after completing the required fields, click “Next Step”. The next page will be asking you about uploading a photo for your Google+ profile. Don’t do anything. Just shut down your browser IMMEDIATELY. And then, re-open your browser, and clear your cookies. Since a Google account was already created BEFORE you shut down your browser, you will still have a Google account (with a Gmail address). But since you aborted the process of setting up a public Google profile midway, you are saved the trouble of making a Google+ profile in the first place.

    You are thus free to access your Gmail account WITHOUT having a Google public profile.

    So far, so good…but Google being Google, I don’t know how long they will allow this. Take advantage of this method while it lasts!

  5. Abs, I haven’t verified if that trick works, but thanks for adding to the discussion. I should however point out that part of the problem was being forced to create a Gmail account in the first place – this wasn’t a goal. The goal was mainly being able to create a YouTube account (now a Google account) without all of the Google+ and public profile nonsense, and preferably without having to create a Gmail account at all. If you already have an email account, as is the case for most of us, why would you want to create another one? Unfortunately Google *was* forcing you to – but no longer. (I’ll update the post momentarily).

    Asa, you can definitely do it, the workaround just maybe different now. Recently YT tried to get me to create a more human friendly user/channel name but part of the process was the creation of a Google+ profile, etc. again. I monkeyed around with it for a while and was able to return to previous settings, but it was a pain.

  6. I really hope this gives me a YouTube account so I can show all my talents and show the world who I really am because none of the other websites work and I set me up a google account so I could get a YouTube page but I tried logging into google but of course this sucks it didn’t work booooooooo!!!!!!!! I really hope this works I’m counting on you guys

  7. I have deleted my gmail and Google+ accounts, as I found them invasive, intrusive and took liberties to which I was adverse.

    It does not surprise me this invasiveness has crept into another internet venue. But it saddens me I can no longer use YouTube because it has enriched my life. This is a violation of trust issue.

    Those who have engineered such designs are driven purely by greed and nothing else.

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