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Are you optimizing for voice search?

[Google, Optimization]
Search engine optimization is a difficult beast to wrangle. It's an ever-moving target, due to Google constantly updating its algorithms and new technologies emerging that change the way users search for content on the web. Mobile devices are just one of the reasons the SEO game continues to evolve, and now there is a new dominant force that has added another ingredient to the mix: voice search. Studies have shown that voice searches (specifically coming from mobile devices) are increasing extremely quickly, doubling in requests from 2014 to 2015 and continuing to rise. So what does this mean for the way you should write your content to rank higher in Google's search results? There are a few simple techniques you can use to better optimize your content for voice search, allowing more mobile users to find your web site more easily.
  1. Think about how your target audience speaks. - When users search by voice, they usually approach their searches in a different way than sitting at a keyboard. For instance, they often ask their devices questions and are more conversational when they search. If you incorporate phrases and questions in to your content, you're more likely to match an exact phase a user might search for with voice command. Be aware of choosing phrases that are easy to pronounce. This will have a better chance of exactly matching voice searches.
  2. Target longer keyword phrases. - In conjunction with point one, conversations are made up of phrases. It's less likely that users will use voice command to search for a single word. This just isn't the way humans communicate and interact. Instead, try to incorporate longer, more complex keyword phrases and questions into your content as this a more common way users will search by voice. 
  3. Target questions as keywords. -  It's not uncommon for mobile users to use voice search to ask their devices specific questions such as "How do I change a tire?" or "Where is the closest gas station?" Article titles and headings are often great opportunities to incorporate questions in to your content. This provides more change for users' searches to match your content exactly, and push you up higher in the rankings!
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