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Green Mountain DockDogs Dock Diving Fun Jump - May 20, 2012

[Web Development, UI/UX Design]
Were you one of the lucky few (like myself) who caught the "DockDogs Big Air" event at the Champlain Valley Fair back in 2010? If not, these archived articles from WCAX and the Williston Observer will provide a little background. DockDogs is essentially a competition for high/long flying dogs to show off their amazing talents in front of cheering crowds, and it's quickly building a following, much like agility and frisbee competitions have  in recent years. The Dock Dogs event at the fair in 2010 was a big hit, but 2011 fair-goers were disappointed to learn that the event hadn't returned. The good news is that some Vermonters weren't content waiting around for someone to bring the event back for 9 days at the end of summer so they've taken the initiative to start Vermont's own club, Green Mountain Dock Dogs. Vermont Design Works has temporarily published a splash page while we develop a full site that will launch later this month. In the meantime you can keep up with all the latest news and events at the official Green Mountain Dock Dogs Facebook page. Whether you've got a jumper of your own or you're just a fan, be sure to head down to the Lake House Restaurant in Bomossen, VT for the Dockdiving Fun Jump on May, 20 at noon. If you do have a dog you'd like to enter into the event you can preregister now or simply register at the event starting at 11 am. All dogs and breeds over 6 months old are welcome to compete! If you can't wait that long and you need to get your DockDog fix right now, check out the high flying action from this promo video posted by the DockDogs national parent organization. The slo-mo shots are incredible: