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Improve Organic Search Rankings with Outgoing Links

[Google, Optimization]
Though they may come from an array of sectors, virtually all businesses on the web have one goal that they absolutely share: improving organic search rankings. Whether it's to provide information, sell a product or service, or recruit leads, businesses want more relevant people to find their websites. And one of the best ways to go about doing this is to improve their organic search ranking & get their websites to appear higher in Google results. Doing so often results in more clicks and therefore more business! Seems self-explanatory, right? Unfortunately, what is often not self explanatory is the best way to actually go about improving organic search rankings. There is a plethora of information out there, much of it conflicting. To add to this, Google does not reveal what their search algorithms are based on. Hence, the process of fine-tuning an SEO strategy should be on-going and consistently re-evaluated. If you are interested in improving your organic search rankings, one thing to consider is your outgoing links. This is often a technique that is overlooked or outright avoided due to some myths and misunderstandings about the tactic. You may have heard that outgoing links could diminish your overall rankings, or you might be hesitant to potentially lead visitors away from your own site. However, research has shown that appropriate outgoing links to reputable sources can in fact improve your organic rankings. Take a look at this article that describes the case study and why outgoing links can indeed be beneficial to getting your website ranked higher. And of course, make sure you measure your results! Make use of analytics to see whether or not incorporating more reputable outgoing links is actually increasing your rankings and continue to adjust where and how you link. If you are interested in partnering with VDW to assist you in tailoring your SEO and online marketing strategies, get it touch.