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New Project: Vermont Food System Atlas for VSJF's Farm to Plate Project

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Vermont Garden RowsToday we're really excited to announce our renewed partnership with the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund on their new Vermont Food System Atlas. We actually developed and launched their main website back in 2010, but VSJF has come back and contracted with VDW once again, this time to develop a custom application for their Farm to Plate Initiative. The VT Food Atlas will essentially act as the web portal to all things related to the F2P project. The following blurb from an update on VSJF's site describes the Food Atlas web app in greater detail:

Vermont Food System Atlas Update

VSJF recently hired Vermont Design Works to develop the web-based Vermont Food System Atlas. The Atlas is intended to be used my multiple audiences, and will include the following features:
  • Farm to Plate Strategic Plan - Information, charts, and graphs, all within an easy-to-use, searchable database
  • Getting to 2020 – A dashboard of indicators that illustrate how we are doing at reaching the goals of the F2P plan
  • F2P Network - A communications platform for the F2P Network – where members can read meeting notes and documents, send messages, and find pertinent information
  • People and Places – A “filmstrip” will appear throughout the Atlas with people and places relevant to that section of the food system (e.g. a search for dairy will bring you to a page with dairy information, as well as a “filmstrip” of people and places in Vermont’s dairy industry.)
  • The Atlas – A series of maps with many attributes of Vermont’s food system – intended to help people locate and examine spatial relationships between farms, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and state entities all working to expand our local food system
  • Regions – Each region within Vermont will have a dedicated place in the Atlas designed to support regional coordination
  • Extras – This section will be a portal to many other agriculture and food system resources (e.g., Dig In VT, VAAFM, NOFA-VT, UVM, etc.)
Basically, this will be the Farm to Plate initiative's new home on the web, but it will be much more than a traditional "website". This project will involve a lot of custom web application development, something we're seeing a lot of requests for right now and an area growing rapidly on the internet right now. Stay tuned to see how we help VSJF take the F2P initiative to the next level with the new VT Food System Atlas. Is your company or organization in need of any custom web or application development work? Contact us today and tell us about your project. And if you're interested in learning more about our other upcoming Vermont web application development projects, subscribe to our feed to follow our updates.