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VDW Snow Day Hours 2-14-14


Not Quite a Snow Day at VDW

In case you haven't noticed or heard any of the endless weather reports, New England is being pummeled by Winter Storm Pax (yes they have names now). For today, Friday, February 14th, we will have a small crew in our offices throughout the day while others work remotely. Please be patient with us as we return messages. Also please note that we WILL be open on Monday, President's Day, February 17, 2014.

Stay Safe in Vermont Snow

Vermont Emergency Management and all police departments and road crews are advising that people stay off the roads if they can. The blowing snow is causing drifts and poor visibility. As the snow accumulates this winter, Green Mountain Power reminds you to keep your heating system vents clear. Some vents are easy to miss and easy to cover when you're moving a lot of snow. gmp furnace vent Blocked vents can cause deadly carbon monoxide to enter your home. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer these facts about carbon monoxide poisoning and what to watch for. And finally, consider adopting your nearby fire hydrant. If we all take a few moments to shovel around the hydrants, our neighborhoods will be safer -- and firefighters will be very happy. snow fire hydrant

Enjoy the white stuff!