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Join Us on Sept. 19 at Vermont Code Camp 7

[Web Development, Community]
VermontCodeCamp_Logo This Saturday, September 19, the 7th annual Vermont Code Camp technology event will be held at UVM's Kalkin Hall. VDW is sponsoring the affair alongside many other tech leaders in the area including, MyWebGrocer, C2, and Evolution HCM Technology. Vermont Code Camp brings together students, mentors, and professionals in the industry for a full day centered on programming, databases, web, and more. On the schedule you'll find VDW's Director of Development, Ben Glassman, presenting on ES6: a radical update to the JavaScript language. He'll give you the scoop on new things you can do when writing JavaScript that will prevent frequent bugs, make your code more readable, and rectify many issues which formerly required work-arounds. And the best part is by using transpilation and shims, you'll lose no browser support despite developing in a newer version. If that doesn't suit your fancy, there are 32 total presentations from which to choose -- we're sure you'll find something of interest! For example, listen to Kip Steele on building testing teams at Ben & Jerry's, or get some valuable advice from Everett McKay on how to give and receive "meaningful, actionable design feedback." There will also be talks regarding MySQL, Git, ClojureScript, Figwheel, React, Aurelia, and more. And if you're looking for a laugh, we recommend going to Scott Douglas's presentation intriguingly titled "Turning Points: Instructional Tales of Achievement, Embarrassment, and Woe" which will include anecdotes from his time spent at Microsoft, DreamWorks Animation, and Registration for Vermont Code Camp is 100%, absolutely free! Plus there will be coffee, lunch, and snacks served throughout the day. We don't think it can get much better than that. Parking & Directions for the event can be found here. We hope to see you there!