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Vermont Clean Energy Jobs - Spread the Word!

A message from our friends at Renewable Energy Vermont: "Join us to spread the good news about clean energy jobs ​TODAY. Solar jobs  increased 29% last year​ and Vermont retained our 3rd in nation per capita solar jobs leadership ranking in the 2016 Solar Jobs Census . ​ ​To celebrate this growth, ​join ​R​enewable Energy Vermont and Advanced Energy Economy ​today to spread the good news that clean energy = jobs and local economic growth. Sign up for the Thunderclap​ below today or post your own message on facebook, twitter, instagram, or other social media outlets. Use#CleanEnergyJobs​, #SolarSaves​, #vtpoli, #vtjobs in your postings​ to show your support. More information about the Thunderclap can be found here. SIGN UP FOR THUNDERCLAP" Help us spread the word and continue the incredible growth in Vermont's clean energy efforts!