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Web Application Launch: KSE Focus

[Web Development, UI/UX Design]
VDW is proud to announce that we have successfully launched KSE Focus. This robust web application epitomizes many of VDW's specialized skills and expertise. To sum up the most meaningful pieces of functionality, the KSE Focus web application helps clients make business decisions by categorizing, searching, and presenting extremely large amounts of information that change with a high level of frequency in a clear, digestible way. To be more specific, this application is capable of searching over 1,000,000 records of data! Users can implement complex, multi-faceted searches in order to find information that is relevant to their businesses and their sectors. Clients can not only find what they need easily and quickly, but they can also develop custom methods to store, classify, and track ongoing changes to that data so they remain up-to-date. One of the important ways this web application supports clients is through a custom-built email alert platform that notifies status changes to data as they occur. Clients can create multiple watch-lists and tailor the alerts to be sent to them based on a myriad of qualifications. This feature saves clients substantial time, preventing them from having to manually track data changes. Instead, pertinent information appears directly in their inbox to make things streamlined and simple. Some clients receive alerts daily. This is very meaningful as it exemplifies functionality that allows people to do their jobs with greater efficiency. Another valuable tool is a custom map feature that enables clients to build visual representations of the data they are interested in. They can label, color code, download copies, and embed maps into reports with just a few a clicks. They can also create and save multiple maps within the same session, as well as set sharing permissions on their maps. This makes distribution of information within organizations simpler, and often more understandable What made this project especially unique was the truly collaborative effort between VDW and KSE developers. Over the course of one year, we shared countless lines of code, developed on shared servers, and worked together to review bugs, enhancements, and other features. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work alongside many talented colleagues from whom we have learned a great deal. We look forward to continuing our relationship to maintain the application post-launch!