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Circus Smirkus

Circus Smirkus

Print Design for Vermont's Award Winning Traveling Youth Circus annual Big Top Tour and more!

Project Goals

Each year, Circus Smirkus travels throughout the region to perform their annual Big Top Tour put on by local Presenter groups. The primary goal is to sell out each show to collect proceeds for Smirkus and the Presenters. To do this, we partner with Smirkus to develop a creative strategy each year utilizing the show's unique theme as inspiration for cohesive marketing materials. This includes show posters, playbills, tour post cards, and other merchandise.

Our Solution

Original illustration and artwork assets are created as the base for each year's Big Top Tour. The process is collaborative where we share sketches and original concepts with the Smirkus team before finalizing artwork, inking, painting, and digitizing.
The playbill is an integral part of Smirkus' marketing efforts. It contains all of their sponsorship advertising, credits for the show, and information about each performer to educate and entertain customers who see performances throughout the region. We work strategically with Smirkus to highlight their key differentiators and excite children in the audience to encourage them to pursue Smirkus for summer camps, tours, and residencies.
The success of Smirkus' Big Top Tour centers around selling tickets and promoting the various locations where shows are being presented. Post cards are sent to prospective show-goers to boost awareness and increase sales.

The Results

  • Cohesive marketing materials
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Original illustration assets

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