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Citizen Cider

Citizen Cider

A manufacturer of local cider, Citizen Cider, partners with VDW to maintain their website and develop new web applications as the company grows.

Project Goals

Citizen Cider is a growing manufacturer of local cider that is expanding to new regions. The company wants to ensure that consumers understand the quality of their product as well as the local sources from which they get their raw ingredients (particularly their apples!). Citizen Cider has a strong brand image and has developed marketing strategies through weekly deals and events at their tasting room that the organization also wanted to showcase. The overarching goal was to make information accessible and quick for customers to find. 

Our Solution

Consumers are in high demand of Citizen Cider, and they often want to know where they can find their favorite drinks. We developed a Locator tool utilizing the API of Citizen's cider distributor.

The Locator allows users to search for their favorite cider within a certain radius of a zip code. They can further refine their search depending on whether they would like results to include bars & restaurants, retail stores, or both.
VDW partnered with Citizen Cider's in-house design team to develop a new aesthetic for their Tasting Room page. The page features a custom slideshow with editable menu items, so the Citizen team can keep customers informed of daily specials.
One of Citizen's key differentiators is their locally sourced apples. Therefore, it was important to Citizen for site visitors to easily be able to understand and visually explore the different orchards throughout the region that supplies apples for cider. VDW built an interactive map that enables users to explore all of Citizen's orchards and learn more about their cider-making process, from start-to-finish.

The Results

  • Custom slideshow with editable menu
  • Interactive orchard map
  • Beverage locator search

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