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Online Marketing Samples

We create content strategies for clients for search engine optimization, including pay-per-click advertising, social media, and email marketing.

For Iron Thread, we did extensive keyword research to understand what terminology users were searching to find embroidery services - specifically for motorcycle patches. We found that Iron Thread's custom and handcrafted work were key differentiators and terms that users were looking for when searching for an embroidery studio. We utilized these keywords in titles, headings, content, links, and calls to action throughout the site to enrich Iron Thread's organic search engine optimization.
Lunaroma is an aromatic apothecary that handcrafts organic aromatherapy and body care products. We focused on storytelling for this brand's content strategy, to capture the essence of the company. Lunaroma has a strong commitment to community, quality of product, and ecologically sound practices. These concepts were captured in the language of the website to communicate the brand's mission and clearly state the value of purchasing Lunaroma products.
When the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail came to VDW to redesign a responsive website, it was communicated that users were having difficulty finding resources and understanding what the Rail Trail was and all it had to offer. Our content strategy involved a complete overhaul of the site architecture, ensuring that information was easy to find and clearly categorized with a focus on strategic keywords.
Pathway Financial Advisors partnered with VDW to rebrand their company to appeal to a broader audience and communicate their approachability and new-age approach to financial advising. We partnered this with a content strategy that focused on clear, consistent calls to action driving users to contact Pathway to set up initial consultations, make appointments, and utilize online resources.

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