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UX / UI Design

Create a seamless user experience designed for any device.

We build responsive sites that are
  • Mobile Optimized
  • User Tested
  • Visually Captivating

User Experience Design (known as UX) simply put, is how a product makes us feel when we use it. The User Interface (or UI) is what the user actually interacts with throughout their experience to accomplish their desired tasks. Some questions to consider: Was it intuitive to use? Could they accomplish their goals easily and without being frustrated by a learning curve? Was the overall experience pleasant? If the experience is positive, your visitor will be happy and will not hesitate return.

The key to good UX/UI is empathy for your users. In order to ensure your users are happy, we work tirelessly to put ourselves in their shoes. Who are your users? What is their primary goal? How can we help them achieve that goal effortlessly and pleasurably? By putting ourselves in the mindset of the user, we reveal new insights into how the site should look and function, allowing us to build a product that is a joy to use.

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UX / UI Design Case Study

Select Your Own Seat

Select Your Own Seat

Select Your Own Seat is a web application built for the Flynn Center Regional Theatre. It allows customers to personally select their seat with a clear understanding of what the view of the stage will be when they purchase tickets online.

Project Goals

The Flynn Center Regional Theatre had received a multitude of requests from their customers for the ability to choose their own seat for theatre productions. The Flynn needed a web application that would be simple for users of all demographics to choose a seat. It was important to the Flynn that users understand which section they would be seated in so they could easily understand how far from the stage they would be and from what perspective they would view the stage. The Flynn wanted it to be as clear as possible for users what the stage would look like from their chosen seat.

Our Solution

To get started, users begin by selecting which section of the theatre they would like to sit.

This view creates context for the customer, so they have a high level understanding of where their seat will be in the theatre.

This helps break the selection process into simple steps and narrow the seat choices for the user.
Once the user has chosen which section of the theatre they prefer, they are shown a diagram of each seat within the section.

The seats are color coded with a key, so the user clearly understands which seats are available, which are handicap accessible, and so forth.

The user can also see a real photograph of the Flynn stage from the vantage point of their selected seat. This ensures user satisfaction, as the user knows exactly what to expect when they arrive at the theatre.

The Results

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Real-time seat availability
  • Simple, intuitive user interface