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Agile Scrum Infographic

The VDW Agile Scrum Infographic
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Agile Scrum Infographic

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Agile Scrum

When developing complex web applications, Vermont Design Works uses an industry proven technique know as Agile Scrum. Scrum is ideal for developing complex web applications due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to predict everything about the end product. Traditionally, you would have to commit to your entire project plan and associated costs up front. But at VDW we realize that that’s not practical for a large scale project (like Farm to Plate for example) because sometimes your best ideas happen as the project is being built and taking shape. Sometimes your priorities may change as you test the features of your project. No problem, the Agile Scrum process allows for any shifts in scope and cost.


We partner with our clients to identify who their audience is and define what their needs are. By focusing on the user needs to accomplish, we can create a cohesive list of product features. We then assign each of these features an estimated cost to build and test. You, the client, can then prioritize the feature list based on the value to the target audience, weighed against the cost to produce. With this prioritized and estimated list, you can then make an informed decision about which features to produce within your budget.


Production begins by selecting a set of the highest priority items from the features list which can be completed within a Sprint. At the end of each Sprint, you will receive a working version of the feature or feature sets. You will test and provide feedback on the Sprint. This process provides the transparency needed to ensure that the project is on track and performing to expectations. The Sprint is repeated with the next highest priority feature list items until you are satisfied that the product meets the needs of the audience.

Through short Sprint length and a built-in review process, you are always confirming that the final product satisfies your organization’s goals and meets your budget. Along the way, you can course-correct by identifying enhancements, adding new features or re-prioritizing existing features. Please refer to the infographic on the right for a visual representation of Scrum.


Once your new site launches, our partnership continues. As your technical specialist, we’ll continue to offer the business intelligence to assist in achieving your organizational goals.