Working Here

Our Culture

At VDW, our mission to is create the highest quality product possible, whether it’s a website, software application, digital strategy or design service. Ours is a culture of learning. We believe that no matter your age, experience, or role -- there is always something to learn. We’re curious and always interested in what you’ve done. We are primarily, a custom shop where no two projects are alike… and we love it! We create and iterate on products and tools. We take risks together. Our products are precise, purposeful, efficient and effective.

Our Team

VDW’s team of talented developers and designers form a cohesive unit in continuous evolution. Each member’s skills and personality fit and we’re very protective of the culture we’ve created. While our team is growing we are committed to remaining small and nimble. With employee tenures that exceed 10 years VDW has remarkable retention for the field. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are the three elements important to our work environment. Non routine work, open dialog, self directed work teams and supported professional development are all parts our culture that we value.

Our Clients

Our client base is diverse. We work with utility companies, theaters, software companies, a circus, legislative and regulatory monitoring firms, producers of Vermont hard cider and maple water and everything in between. We like to partner with interesting people doing interesting work and there is a special place in our hearts for leveraging the power of technology for businesses and organizations that make a difference in this world. VDW has carved out a niche in alternative energy, sustainable food systems, and Vermont arts. We partner with impressive organizations like the Energy Action Network, the Flynn Theater, Vermont Farm to Plate, The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, and The Fairbanks Museum (to name a few). Working with socially and environmentally responsible companies like these gives us an extra sense of pride in our work- knowing that we’re helping those who make a difference through our partnership.

Our Location

VDW is located in the historic Kilburn and Gates building on Pine Street in Burlington’s vibrant, South End. A stone’s throw to Pine Street landmarks such as Citizen Cider, Arts Riot, Speeder and Earl’s, Meyer’s Bagels, Zero Gravity and Queen City Breweries. A short walk to the Waterfront, Burlington Bike path, Church Street and more. Yoga classes, spin classes, Cross-fit, Aikido, or a spin on the bike path are all convenient pre-work, lunchtime, or post-work activities with a waterfront walk being among our resident canine’s favorite. Most of us can walk or bike to work. We can take a flight to New York City in an hour via the airport which is 10 minutes away and drive up to Montreal in less than two. We have the best of small city life with access to the big cities anytime we need it.

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