UX/UI Design

What is UX/UI?

User Experience Design (known as UX) simply put, is how a product makes us feel when we use it. The User Interface (or UI) is what the user actually interacts with throughout their experience to accomplish their desired tasks. Some questions to consider: Was it intuitive to use? Could they accomplish their goals easily and without being frustrated by a learning curve? Was the overall experience pleasant? If the experience is positive, your visitor will be happy and will not hesitate return. Give them an unpleasant experience and they may never return.

Holistic Approach

UX/UI is a holistic approach to design that places ease of use for the end user as the primary principle driving design and development decisions. Everything from the information architecture of the site to the font selection impacts the overall experience the user has while visiting your site. If your sitemap is laid out in a way that doesn’t make sense, your users will have a hard time finding what they need. If your images are too big, load time will become frustrating. There is no single item that constitutes good UX, it the sum of all the choices made while building a product.


The key to good UX/UI is empathy for your users. In order to ensure your users are happy, we work tirelessly to put ourselves in their shoes. Who are your users? What is their primary goal? How can we help them achieve that goal effortlessly and pleasurably? By putting ourselves in the mindset of the user, we reveal new insights into how the site should look and function, allowing us to build a product that is a joy to use.