Web Application Development

Fairbanks Museum Community of Observers Web Application

The Community of Observers is a forum for citizen scientists to observe and record natural phenomena in order to track climate-caused changes in weather and the life-cycles of plants and animals."

A web application is a software development project that is deployed over the internet and runs in the user’s preferred web browser. It moves beyond the traditional one-way sharing of information and creates an interactive user experience by allowing visitors to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the internet. Rich features such as webmail, login pages, mapping tools, shopping carts and content management systems shape modern websites and provide businesses with the means necessary to engage with new prospects and their loyal customer base.

Due to the fact that web applications run in the browser, they offer the significant advantage of performing independantly of the operating system. This means web applications can be deployed to any user on any computer, without the barrier of OS compatability.

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Good examples of web application projects that we support are the Flynn Theater ticketing system (and in particular the Select Your Own Seat tool), the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Vermont Food Atlas, and the Fairbanks Museum Community of Observers.