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Burlington VT named a White House TechHire City

It has been announced that Burlington is officially a White House "TechHire city." This means that the city will be part of a national multisector initiative with the goal of "growing the local tech workforce and empowering community members with the skills they would need for well­paying jobs in innovation and technology." The efforts of many technical companies and organizations throughout the city have been recognized at the nation level, and action will begin in order to provide more training to the public. The target is for nearly 100 tech workers to receive training and be placed into local technical companies within this calendar year and for that number to quadruple by 2020. This will reinforce Burlington's already strong roots in technology and innovation, and will contribute to the continued expansion of the city's technical landscape. VDW looks forward to seeing how the White House TechHire program enriches the technical community of Burlington and potentially our own company in the future! For more information, read the full article about Burlington's White House TechHire announcement posted by the Vermont Technology Alliance here.