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ADA Compliance

Build a web site or application that is accessible to all visitors.

We have experience with
  • Color Contrast Requirements
  • Minimum Font Sizes
  • Text for Screen Readers

It is a goal at VDW to create responsive web sites and web applications that are delightful to use and an engaging experience for all site visitors. We recognize that some users have specific accessibility needs, so we ensure all of our web development work meets a standard set of ADA guidelines.

Many of our clients have audience that necessitate AA and AAA levels of accessibility. We are experienced in building websites and web applications that meet these requirements while also meeting the goals of the organization as well.

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ADA Compliance Case Study

Vermont Arts Council

Vermont Arts Council

The Council's mission is to advance and preserve the arts at the center of Vermont communities. The Council also focuses on making art and content accessible to all. This necessitated a redesigned website that adhered to ADA accessibility guidelines.

Project Goals

As stated by the Vermont Arts Council: "Programs and activities are more welcoming and inclusive when they engage a broad spectrum of people in integrated settings that provide, equal, effective, and enjoyable arts experiences for all. This includes participants, visitors, staff, patrons, and artists along with their friends and families." In accordance with this, the Council needed to redesign their website to meet ADA accesibility criteria, so that all of their digital content could be enjoyed by any site visitor. The new responsive website was also designed to follow best web practices, making content easily accessible on all devices.

Our Solution

ADA Accessibility

We collaborated closely with the Vermont Arts Council to identify the level of accessibility they wanted to achieve. This was important to understand in order to test things like color contrast and minimum font sizes. With this in mind, we identified key areas to make the site feel unique and artistic to match the aesthetic and values of the organization. We also structured the HTML carefully to be interpreted in the most logical way for screen readers and to account for things such as form labels, icon labels, alternate text, and more.

The Results

  • Color Contrast Requirements Met
  • Text for Screen Readers
  • Mobile friendly
We are thrilled with the site Vermont Design Works developed for us and the team has never let us down as the site continues to evolve.
Content Manager, Vermont Arts Council