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Marc Nadel, Aritist in Residence at VDW, wins AIGA award


This week, artists, designers, developers, and creatives from all fields are coming together to celebrate Vermont Design Week! This week there is a plethora of great events to check out, speakers to listen to, and projects to get inspired by! If you haven't already, visit the Vermont Design Week website to learn more about the events that are continuing to until the end of this week. You won't want to miss them. VDW staff attended and thoroughly enjoyed the AIGA Vermont Design Awards on Monday evening. We were thrilled to congratulate Artist in Residence here at VDW, Marc Nadel, for winning the Award for Political Caricatures in the Illustration category. Cheers to all of our wonderful colleagues in the community who also won awards for their impressive, thought-provoking work. trump Marc Nadel, Artist in Residence at Vermont Design Works, wins AIGA Award for his Political Caricatures in the Illustration category.