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New England Culinary Institute Website Work

[Web Development, UI/UX Design]

One of the top cooking schools in the country and a Vermont institution, the New England Culinary Institute (NECI) recently expanded its programs to include fully accredited Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the culinary arts.

At the same time, NECI merged some of its campuses and departments and eliminated redundancies. As part of this process, they approached VDW for help with consolidating the school’s multiple websites. The websites were built on a variety of platforms, and had to be maintained by an expert staff member.

Vermont Design Works is currently working on rebuilding all of NECI’s websites on a single platform, with a user-friendly CMS that can be used by non-technical NECI staff. When the project is completed at the end of 2009, each individual department and restaurant will have the ability to update its own website without expert assistance. At the same time, the “look and feel” of NECI’s various sites will be unified into a single, cohesive brand.