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Vermont New Year's Eve 2014 First Night Events & Celebrations

Note: Click here for our 2014/2015 Vermont NYE celebrations. Admittedly it seems a bit early to be talking about New Year's Eve, but given the traffic we've seen pouring in to last year's post over the last several months, it seems that folks are already clamoring for information about New Year's 2014 Celebrations. We'll likely need to add to this post as additional events are announced, but we hope this can serve as your Vermont Near Year's 2014 event calendar.

First Night Burlington, VT

As is usually the case, First Night Burlington will certainly be the largest celebration taking place Dec. 31, 2013. This year's musical entertainment theme is "Africa to Vermont" and as the name implies, will be largely supplied by many of the area's newly American performers, including headliners A2VT, who you might remember from the Onion City anthem they released on YouTube last year - Winooski My Town:
Performers in the Africa to Vermont program include African hip-hop trio A2VT; dance band New Nile Orchestra, led by Ethiopian singer/dancer Kiflu Kidane; Somali Bantu “wedding band” Walinja; and the Burundian Women’s Dance Company. In addition to performing with New Nile Orchestra, percussionist Steve Ferraris will also lead an afternoon African drumming workshop for Burlington elementary school students. Students participating in the workshop will then perform with New Nile Orchestra at the band’s early evening concert in Contois Auditorium.
You can view a PDF of the full First Night BTV schedule here. As usual, expect fireworks shows both at 6pm and midnight. ECHO is also inviting any and all Burlingtonians to come down and enjoy their "Ice Ball" and "Last Night Dance Party".

VT New Year's Events

Of course #btv isn't the only city holding festivities to ring in 2014... but you'd be hard pressed to find out anything about what's happening on the websites of most other VT cities. At least there are regularly updated Facebook pages for Downtown Rutland, Brattleboro and Newport, which I suspect/hope will be adding New Year's info soon. (Shameless Plug Alert: If you manage the web presence for a town in Vermont and you need help putting together a content schedule, please drop us a line. In addition to unparalleled design and development, we provide internet marketing services, including content consultations)

Montpelier New Year's Eve

Montpelier Alive at least mentions new year's celebrations in the right sidebar area... but you have to scroll.... ALL the way down:
12/31- New Year's Eve. Ring in the New Year at the capital with live music and gourmet restaurant meals.
There is a dedicated page for First Night page on the site.... for 2011. Fortunately it looks like they're wisely making some effort on social media, creating a Facebook Event for their New Year's Eve celebrations.

St. Johnsbury First Night

Like Burlington, St. Jay has a dedicated website for their annual festivities, so they've fortunately updated to reflect the correct coming year. Also like Burlington, St. Johnsbury's evening of music and family friendly events culminates with midnight fireworks. You can view the complete St. Jay New Year's Eve schedule here. If you're looking for even smaller town fun, you might want to check out Bristol's Best Night. If you know of specific information online regarding events being held in other VT cities or towns, please let us know in the comments below and we'll update ASAP.

New Year's Eve Skiing in Vermont

As usual, SkiVermont has assembled a comprehensive list of New Year's events/specials being held by resorts across the state. Here's just a taste: Click here to find out what's happening on your favorite mountain.

More VT New Years Parties, Specials and Celebrations