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Vermont Technology Alliance releases Tech Job report

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.27.18 AM Last week, the Vermont Technology Alliance (vtTA) held a reception to celebrate the publication of its new Vermont Tech Job impact report. The report "highlights the pervasive and positive impacts of tech employment on Vermont's economy." As noted in the report, the vtTA has observed "the increasing role that the technology sector continues to play in creating clean, green, well paying jobs across the state." Therefore, the goal of the report is to help showcase, and hold on to, these tech jobs to help growing firms hire and retain qualified employees, so that they can continue their expansion within state borders. The report emphasizes that Vermont has the opportunity to create the economy it wants: "one that is clean and green, with fiscal security, good paying jobs and career opportunities." However, it requires the tech business sector continue to grow, and for the jobs it creates to be filled by skilled Vermonters. The report features research findings from the "Tech in Vermont" Study conducted by the Vermont Department of Labor. What has been proven is that technology "is embedded in every other aspect of the economy," and that nearly 40% of all annual Vermont wages are represented in tech job income. The report also explains how the higher salaries of tech employed residents allows these workers to "play an important role in funding local industries" such as agriculture, food product, and artisan crafts which often "carry a price premium." Therefore, the tech truly helps the state flourish across sectors and greatly contributes to the growth of the state as a whole. VDW is a proud sponsor of the Vermont Tech Job report. We support the mission of the vtTA, and the work that they do. We look forward to continuing in our contribution to their events and initiatives to shape Vermont's tech culture and grow tech opportunities for Vermonters. For read the full report, click here.