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Women Working with Technology

We are very excited to be partnering again with long-time client, Vermont Works for Women, to plan the development process for updating their website. We are working together to find digital solutions to bring their unique programs together under one, identifiable and distinct platform. If you haven't already, check out Rosie's Girls and Fresh Food: two of Vermont Works for Women's most popular and hugely successful programs. The mission of Vermont Works for Women -- to make careers in STEM more accessible to women -- is near and dear to VDW's heart. We are a proud proponent of women working with technology, and strive to find innovative ways to promote them. We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Vermont Works for Women's "Step Up to IT" program earlier this year, and look forward to continuing our relationship. In the spirit of Vermont Works for Women, we'd like to bring your attention to a few awesome documentaries that might give you some new ideas about women working with technology. These documentaries highlight some of the reasons women find it difficult to enter the technology space, but why it is so important that they do. We hope that we can be a resource to inspire women to get excited about technology and perhaps seek out career options in the field: CODEGIRL, official trailor. (Full Documentary can be purchased for just $0.99 on iTunes!  - Read Google's official synopsis here.) You can also watch snippets here. [embed][/embed] Girls Can Code, BBC Episodes