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DogTrak is Line of Business Software for Gulliver's Doggie Daycare. This web application ensures day-to-day business runs effortlessly by managing scheduling, invoicing, document organization, and more.

Project Goals

Gulliver's Doggie Daycare came to VDW with an existing piece of software that no longer suited their growing, complex needs. Every day, employees needed to check in multiple groups of dogs and assign them to the appropriate play-yard based on many criteria including dog size and temperament. The crew also needed to schedule daily services for pets including obedience classes, grooming, and boarding. Coordination for Gulliver's Doggie Bus Ride program needed to be addressed. And of course, the business needed a bullet-proof method for tracking payments and invoicing. Simply put, Gulliver's Doggie Daycare needed a user-friendly, single application to maintain their daily business.

Our Solution

Because ease of use and efficiency were of DogTrak's main goals, we implemented a robust search that makes finding any needed information for a specific dog simple.

Staff can quickly check whether a specific dog has been checked in to the facility, will require any services for the day, is a bus rider, or has any belongings that were brought to the facility.
Each day, staff need to keep track of every dog's schedule. This includes their check in and out times as well as what services they will need throughout the day (such as bathing or nail clippings).

Staff also track which dogs will participate in their Bus Ride services that bring dogs to and from Daycare.
To keep dogs safe and healthy, staff members need to receive prompt notification when vaccinations are out of date or when other services are due.

By programmatically alerting staff, documentation is kept up-to-date and organized. This helps protect dogs and Gulliver's safety regulations.
Like any business, an important component to the DogTrak web application was to ensure employees could easily manage client invoices. Our system tracks whether payments have been made and each client's total balance.

The DogTrak software can also create "Punch Cards" for multi-visit payments. The system will track how many visits each client has left on their card, and when clients are eligible for a free day of service.

The Results

  • clear payment tracking
  • schedule coordination for hundreds of dogs
  • daily efficiency and simplicity
VDW helped my business with a complex project. I am very pleased with the product they have produced as well as the service I received from their team. I look forward to working with them in the future.
General Manager, Gulliver's Doggie Daycare

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