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The TrackMaven API allows data visualizations of business intelligence across all categories of their organization; providing their executive audience with the information they need to make strategic business decisions.

Project Goals

TrackMaven is a marketing analytics and attribution software company who needed a technical partner to help them enhance their line-of-business software. The API increases visibility of the insights their platform provides to their customers' executive tier. This audience relies on business intelligence and analytics platforms such as DOMO and Tableau to provide high-level executive summaries of their company's performance across all aspects of their business, including billing, payroll, sales, and marketing data sourced from multiple third-party software platforms.

Our Solution

We worked with TrackMaven to develop a strategy to integrate their data into a third-party business intelligence platform that provides compelling visualizations clearly summarizing the most important insights. Risk and unknowns surrounding third-party approval process were identified early to ensure flawless delivery on an accelerated timeline.
TrackMaven customers now enjoy a solution that includes an API integration with the popular business intelligence dashboard DOMO, through a custom connector that allows users to view the TrackMaven marketing analytics data within their dashboard.
Internal and competitive benchmark reports resulted in an increase in executive audience engagement by providing them with the information they needed to make strategic decisions for their organization. Data is communicated clearly and is visually easy to digest, supporting effective spend across all marketing channels.

The Results

  • Enhanced line-of-business software
  • Benchmark reporting for strategic decision making
  • Custom connectors to view marketing analytics

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